Our family builds for your family... 

Over 25 years combined of expert general contracting,  

home building, and design services.

Services We Provide:

New Construction - General Contracting & Home Design,

Additions, Remodeling, Decks, Door Installations, and More.

Call us for a quote today:  262-224-6752.​​

Or send us an email: office.aghwi@gmail.com.

​​​We have built many duplexes in Slinger, Hartford, Fox Lake, etc. Our building designs are focused on comfortable living with style.​​​​
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We have a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing efficient and affordable housing​​.​ Our condos are cost conscious yet richly accessorized.​
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​​​​​​​We build homes based on personal needs, wants, and style. We are also very space conscious and like to design every floor plan with an efficient flow.​​​

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Professionally Personal.​


Here at Affordable Green Homes, LLC we are committed to upholding exacting standards. We evaluate each of your individual needs and implement them into our building process. We strive to make your home exactly the way you envision it in your dreams.

Select a building type below to view some of our accomplishments or

take a look at a home that suits your lifestyle.


What does  Green  mean to you?

To some, it represents happiness and positivity. To others, it symbolizes money, cash, dollar bills, etc.

If you thought of one of these things, you have visualized part of our motto.

All of those definitions actually apply to our mission statement here at Affordable Green Homes, LLC.
Green is more than just a color.
To us, it means saving money and energy
by using environmentally inspired building techniques.
​And putting the
cash that you save on energy bills back into your wallet .